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For years women have tried to keep their skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible and depending on your skin type and its condition it may not be an easy (or cheap) task to try and undertake!

Anti-Aging products have been around for centuries, from the Egyptians that use Milk Baths (1 Warm Water Bath, 4 Tablespoons of Honey & 1 Litre of Milk) to the modern twenty-something that uses tubs and tubs of specially designed foundations and skin fillers.

Why does Skin Aging Occur?

Skin aging occurs for one of a few reasons; it can be simply broken down into two forms:
Intrinsic Aging
Intrinsic Aging is the natural aging process that takes place over the years regardless of the local and external influences to the body. Typically after the age of 20 onwards the body starts to produce approx. 1% less Collagen each year. As a result over time the skin becomes thinner and more fragile with age. As time goes on there is also limited functionality of the sweat and oil glands with less elastin production too.

Extrinsic Aging

This happens alongside Intrinsic and is a result of the sun and damage by the environment (e.g. pollution exposure, tobacco use and other external factors that can later develop into further issues such as Precancerous skin changes like actinic keratosis or skin cancer if you are in a poor quality environment. Extrinsic aging occurs due to the external factors reducing the amount of collagen that our skin produces.

How Logona Anti-Aging Products help…

Logona Anti-Aging Natural Cosmetics can help in a wide range of ways, from Anti-Aging serums that can inject life back into your skin by providing collagen replacement to your skin allowing it to feel tighter and revitalised. Age Protection Treatment Masks hydrates dry and maturing skin deeply with a unique blend of fruit and extract oils.

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