How do I keep my Child and others around them safe?

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Ultimately, Education is key to safety. If a child is not aware of a danger, or what they can do to prevent being in a dangerous situation, then they are likely to get in trouble, with the results potentially being fatal. Unfortunately, Mothers cannot be with their child to protect them all of the time, with work and other commitments, it is important to allow children to become independent and learn as they grow. You can’t keep them covered in bubble-wrap forever, but you can make sure they know when to cross the road and why they shouldn’t drink that water or talk to strangers.

Luckily, there are organisations dedicated to the keeping children safe by educating them about the dangers of the world. They do not stop children from enjoying their lives with restrictions but instead warn them of dangers as well as helping them to teach others. Some people may not consider this to be a real issue, however unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in young people between the ages of 5 and 19, and millions of children end up in hospital every single year for non-fatal injuries. Drowning, road traffic injuries, poisoning and burns are the biggest threats to children and are still a problem in high-income countries, accounting for 40% of deaths.

Unintentional injury has results in over six million A&E visits each year of which 2 million are children, which costs the NHS (and therefore the taxpayers) £146 million. Half of these injuries occur at home and the majority of these injuries could have been easily prevented as opposed to being a significant burden on society.  If you need to know how to ensure that children keep themselves safe then you should look for Children’s Safety Education online.

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